Dominion Kidz Childcare Development Center
Dominion Kidz Childcare Development Center


Star Brite and other Curriculum activities we use develop and prepare our Toddler and Preschool children for academic success right from the start. Our learning and craft activities lays the foundation for future education by helping children between the ages of 2 and 5 develop crucial cognitive, early literacy, social- emotional development, physical and fine motor skills all under the frame work of guided instruction and imaginative play.


Curriculum highlights:

  • Motivation — Build a cooperative classroom environment to fuel motivation, with child-directed instruction, hands-on experiences, ownership of materials and by supporting and exploring imagination.
  • Phonological Awareness — Ensure readiness for phonics instruction with short, daily exercises.
  • Phonics — Introduce letter-sound relationships systematically, sequentially, and explicitly.
  • Vocabulary — Explore vocabulary in quality literature, during instruction, and in everyday communication.
  • Social & Emotional Development — Prepare children for new social environments presented at school by example, through direct communication, and with cooperative learning activities.
  • Science — Explore the magic of the natural world with simple scientific experiments involving plants, temperatures, textures, and more!
  • Math — Build a foundation for mathematical thinking through center exploration, activities, and games, using math children encounter every day.




Location Across the Street From EXXON

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